Service Details

Call Quality Program

The Call Quality team is made up of a set of qualified individuals with extensive sales and customer service experience, and a deep understanding of how to coach your people to achieve their best results. Our Call Quality assessors and coaches are passionate about the customer experience. They are skilled in identifying areas of improvement in the customer experience and providing the tools that are needed to take your business to the next level, achieve high customer satisfaction scores and increase revenue opportunities.

Our work process

The Call Quality team build trusting and supportive relationships with your team members to help motivate them to realise and achieve their full potential. We are about building people up and creating a belief that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. We promote engaged learning by providing tailored coaching that addresses the various learning styles and personality types of your people. By coaching your people as unique individuals, we are able to help develop a collaborative team that works together towards the common business goal.  

Individual call assessment

We can assess inbound and outbound sales and service calls.

Individual call coaching

Tailored to the needs of the individual consultant and their focus areas.

Monthly summary

Data collated from the results of call assessments and coaching sessions sent to business leaders at a team and individual level.

Monthly debrief

A personalised one on one call with the business leader to discuss findings, trends, and business improvement suggestions

On Groop Team To Provide USP

On Group required to provide USP for each individual service

Frequently Asked Questions

On Group to provide a list of Frequently ask questions either on each indivudal service of a generic set of FAQ across all services.

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